Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some Pictures!

In light of my last post on this blog I figured I should post something a little more upbeat.  My sister suggested writing about the things I am thankful for (bwahaha yeah right!) since today is in fact Thanksgiving, but instead I'm putting something up that my friends from home have been bothering about., coughbethcough.  So here are some pictures of my house, my job, and some other stuff I've been doing.

 Ok!  So this is my house!  The one and only 2709 Guilford Ave.  Our house is nicknamed the Arrupe House after Father Pedro Arrupe.  Look him up, he's a pretty cool guy.
The view from our front door.  Our living room is directly to the right, the main room you can see is the dining room, and our kitchen is in the back.

Our family room!  Full of wonderful used couches and a TV that usually works!

 Me and my roommates at our Thanksgiving dinner we had on Friday.  Unfortunately Tim isn't in this picture because he was taking it!  Anyway, starting from the left and going clockwise we have Erin, Stephanie, ME!, David, and Matt.

These next two photos show my bedroom, or to be more specific, my half of the bedroom.  First we have the part of my room that is visually pleasing with my bed and all my fun things I hung up.  Two things: 1.  My flag is a peace flag, it is not is support of pasta sauce.  2.  If you are wondering what that calendar is and can't quite tell, it is in fact a Twilight calendar.  And I hang it with pride, thank you Sarah Cole!

And then the not so nice part of my room.  I purposefully left out the floor so you can't see my pile of dirty clothes.  And no, that purple scarf is not mine, it was already there.

Ok so this is my work!  The St Vincent de Paul Beans and Bread Center!  This is the outside of my building.  And we just got approved for expansion so a whole new building will be going up behind these two.  Unfortunately it won't be open until after I'm gone.  :(  Also, you will notice in the pictures that there aren't any people.  I took these pictures after we closed because out of protection of my clients, I'm not allowed to take pictures of them.
This is the day resource center, where clients can pretty much come and hang out all day.  Besides case work, which is what I do, there are usually other things going on for the benefit of our clients.

 This is my casework desk!  I didn't take a picture of my other desk in my office, because it's pretty underwhelming and I don't do a lot in there.  Anyway, this is where I meet with all my clients everyday and try to provide them with whatever it is they are looking for.  Clothing, housing, shelters, jobs, health care, food stamps, cell phones, IDs, birth certificates, eviction prevention, mental health treatment, and drug/alcohol treatment are just some of the things I do on a daily basis.

This is our dining room.  Lunch is served six days a week and never closes, not even in Blizzards.  There are 34 spots available at one time and we usually serve between three and four hundred people each day.  Due to my case work schedule I don't get to serve in the meal program very often, but every time I do it's a blast.

 So this chaos is my storage unit.  One of my main responsibilities is organizing all the new donations of clothes and hygiene items that come in, so I can give them to my clients during casework.  It usually isn't this crazy but we get a lot of food donations during the Holidays.  I'm in the process of setting up a canned food giveaway for next week.  So guess who went through all that food earlier this week?

 Ok so due to me being kind of dumb, these pictures are going to be pretty small, but hopefully it'll work.  Anyway, since he wasn't in the last picture, I felt obligated to put in a picture of Tim.  So that's Tim.  The picture above is really awful and I apologize.  Anyway, that's all of us at the National Aquarium with one of Jesuit support people Sean.

This picture is from the Stewart/Colbert rally.  In the ensuing party I was the only person from my house so I was adopted by the Camden house.  

These two pictures are from our party during Labor Day.  The first one is me and Tim with the lovely ladies from Raleigh.  They're a fun house whom we often swap drunk messages on our phones with.
This picture is me and Tim dancing.  After being challenged to a dance contest we may or may not have busted out a choreographed dance to Bye, Bye, Bye.  We also may or may not have practiced for a few hours the night before.

 This is my house!  Finally all six of us.  Ok starting with the bottom row.  Steph is from San Antonio and went to Our Lady of the Lake University, she works at St Francis Academy running an after school program.  Erin is from Connecticut and went to Holy Cross, she works at the Public Justice Center mostly doing eviction prevention.  Matt also went to Holy Cross and is from the 'Cuse, he teaches at Cristo Rey, a Jesuit High School..  Tim is from Atlanta but went to school up at Boston College, he is a resident assistant at the Don Miller Homes, a place for people with HIV/AIDS.  Dave also teaches at Cristo Rey.  He is originally from Cleveland, now lives in CT, and went to school at Providence College.

And this last picture is of me at the Newark Christmas party, after getting rid of my costume I had parts of eleven different JVC communities costumes on.  Great Success.

Ok well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed all the photos.  As always, please post any comments or questions you have.  Love you all!

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