Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leaving on a Jetplane

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blog.  For the next year this should be a rather handy source in letting you know what I am doing.

For those who don't know, in about seven hours I am heading out to Baltimore to live as a Jesuit Volunteer for one year.  There I will be working at the St. Vincent de Paul Beans and Bread Center, which is a homeless shelter.  There I will be working as a Case Manager, meaning I will meet with individual clients and find resources around the city based off their needs.  These needs could include housing, employment, medical services, and much more.

Check out Beans and Bread:

In my time as a JV, I will be living in community with five other people from around the U.S. who will also have jobs volunteering throughout the city.  There we will live together under the four virtues of JVC; Spirituality, Simple Living, Community, and Social Justice.  More on these to come later in the year.

So some of you may be wondering what seeking the Magis means.  Don't fear, I have no clue yet either. But throughout my year I will be seeking the Magis and want you to tag along in my journey.
In a quick nutshell, Magis "is best understood as a lifestyle rather then an act or a series of acts which demonstrates a person's commitment to the "more." Magis is a relationship term meaning that it applies to personal relationships, both with God and with others, in terms of love."

Confused?  Me too.

So let's start this quest together.

The first start on my quest takes me to Bucks County Pennsylvania, where I will be at JVC Orientation from the 12th to the 17th.  More to come soon.

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